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Experience authentic etiquette of tea and how to making a green tea in Nagano Station!

 2018/01/28 英語版
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There are also openings of Nagano Station, Hokuriku Shinkansen, which is located at about 1 hour 30 minutes by bullet train from Tokyo. There are many tourists from Hokuriku district, Kanto and foreign countries, so visitors can visit many places such as “Zenkoji” “Togakushi” “Karuizawa” “Ueda Castle “Matsumoto Castle” Nagano sightseeing spots are easy to access.

There are many shops in Nagano that can experience the culture of Nagano, as well as eating such as “Buckwheat experience”, “Oyaki making experience”, “Zen meditation experience”, when walking in front of Nagano Station, I found a rarity sign “Matcha experience” I went there

Discover a shop where you can experience Matcha near Nagano station!

When I was walking for about 5 minutes at Nagano station I found a rare sign called ‘Matcha experience.’
Speaking of Matcha in Kyoto, as for the experience of Nagano, the image of “Buckwheat” and “Oyaki making” is strong so I wonder how it feels.
I tried to subscribe because I was able to drink delicious Matcha and tell me how to make and how to drink smart!

High class tea utencils ( Pottery and accessories)

A big red umbrella that you can see first when entering the shop. This is a point umbrella used when offering Matcha outside, and it is a mark that the tea ceremony is being held in the place where umbrellas are out. In fact it is used when providing tea at events such as Obuse and Zenkoji.

Since the table is prepared under the umbrella, it is devised so that you can feel the atmosphere of the tea ceremony by drinking Matcha.


Inside the store, full-fledged tea utensiles are deployed from accessories necessary for tea ceremony, and are expensive thing with hundreds of thousands of yen ~ goods exceeding one million yen. There is atmosphere like a little museum in store.



Matcha experience in tea room


There is a tatami space with different atmosphere in one corner of the shop. It is a space that reproduced the tea room of Sen no Rikyu who worked as a merchant, tea man from the Warring States Period to the Azuchi-Momoyama era. It is surprising because I never thought that I could see a real tea room so far in Nagano station.
In this tea room, you can enter by registering for Matcha experience by using the shopkeeper when make  Matcha for customers.


The shop owner smiledly talked about the history and methods of tea and green tea until the matcha was turned on, but once the tea ceremony begins to be put on, the air in the tea room will be tightened with a bash. I did not even know what to do with Matcha experience for the first time, but I was drawn into nature and its air.
There are convenient items for people who are not good at sitting regularly so if you are worried about getting numb with your legs straight, let’s put your voice down!


Reliable even for the first time for tea ceremony and Matcha! You can learn how to drink Matcha

If you hear “Matcha”, you think you shoud wear kimono with and firmly knowledgeable for those who do not know anything, but a high threshold, it is uneasy because you do not know manners even if it goes. I guess there are a lot of people thinking like that.
Actually I have not experienced Matcha at all, I came to experience the matcha without knowing how . “Do not know anything!” The shopkeeper was making booklets that explain how to drink Matcha by feeling casually wanting to enjoy Matcha.
I will tell you various things such as when to say the words “Thank you for making the tea”, how to turn a bowl of tea, meaning that it is delicious to make a sound as “drinking” when drinking.

There are courses for those who want to experience Matcha casually

It will be a bit nervous to have the shopkeeper making green tea in the tea room, There is also a course that you can experience green tea more easily with the direction towards those who like it. With tea utensils at the table, you can making a green tea by yourself, and teach shopkeeper how to make it.

It seems to be difficult to be able to do it very well with one experience, but it will be a good memory as you can green tea with friends or tourists.

I would like to drink delicious Matcha in the shopkeepers too! If so, the shop owner will make it, so it may be fun to compare.

Foreigners who have visited sightseeing in Zenkoji also experience Japanese culture

Recent foreign tourists said that many people do “experience” making memories from “consumption” buying things, they said they have been doing Buckweet experience and sightseeing in Zenkoji. It is said that Japanese tea has the opportunity to drink at hotels, but it seems that Matcha was enjoyed by everyone in the first experience.

Some foreigner seems to be a little bitter to matcha. There are also people who misunderstand that pottery putting green tea is also a chocolate or sweet sauce, and start to put sweets on matcha. Still it was impressive that the shop owner mentioned with a smile that the foreigner touched on Japanese culture and being happy.

Matcha experience fee · Duration

1Course where the teacher making a green tea in the tea room

Price per person: 2,000 yen (with matcha and confectionery)
Duration: 1 hour
This course that you can drink match the owner’s making. It is also recommended for those who want to experience the atmosphere of the tea ceremony. Reservation required before 1 day.

2Course to make a green tea by yourself easily at table

Price per person: 500 yen (with matcha and confectionery)
Duration: 30 minutes
It is a course to borrow tea utensil and make a green tea by yourself. We will do it at the table so that we can feel free to experience.

There are experiences to tea tea leaves to matcha in stone mills(Need to confirm)

Matcha experience is rare, but here also you can experience Matcha from tea leaves. Although there are not many opportunities to see stone mills, there is no further matter to grind Matcha. (Need to confirm)

The shop owner said the exclusive Matcha that in the dark room the machine is moving the stone mill with a certain force. If you leave it in a bright place, it turns out that Matcha turns yellow, or if you make it with the power of a person, unevenness of power will occur, so that it is actually not so delicious.
Because it talks about matcha and tea during matcha tea experience, it is interesting not only to get delicious matcha but also to know for the first time such as saying “Oh ~!”


Taste matcha at home! Mail order of Matcha

Sukiya Naito where Matcha experience can be done is also going through the mail-order of Matcha in order to deliver Matcha to many people. After Matcha experience, you will be able to make a green tea with your reward to yourself or yourself at home.
At the store, we started offering matcha cappuccino, but from now on we are planning to make a coffee corner and also think about providing ice and pancakes and so on so that we can taste authentic matcha sweets at the station in front of the tour of Zenkoji and Nagano It may come.
Click here for Matcha · Cappuccino Online shopping site

You can get a matcha cappuccino at “We Love Nagano saw”!

This time, Sukiya Naito who can experience Matcha casually in front of Nagano Station at the time of purchasing goods of Matcha experience or something
Speaking of “WE LOVE Nagano saw!”, You can have authentic powdered tea cappuccino using the matcha carefully selected by the shopkeeper.
As opposed to matcha , matcha cappuccino, which is made somewhat sweet, please drink and compare matcha cappuccino by all means experience the matcha.

Access Information =Sukiya Naito where can experience Matcha=

Street address
Nagano Prefecture Nagano City Minami Chitose 1 – 7 – 4

phone number


About 7 minutes on foot from Nagano station
Electric train
JR Nagano Station · Nagano Electric Railway

home page
Sukiya Naito  http://ntouki.co.jp/

We will issue a service voucher for those using the parking lot (Daiichi parking) only for customers shopping over 2,000 yen at our shop. It is about 1 minute on foot from shops.



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